My Natural Cleaning Arsenal

I like to know things are clean, I like my sink to shine and my toilets to not have stains in them or around them (I do have a  little boy). I like my dishes to be clean and those fingerprints on the windows sometimes drive me nuts.

What I like even more than all of that though is knowing that the products that I use in my house are SAFE.  That my son can pick up a bottle of cleaner and spray it and I don’t have to worry about him getting it on his skin or swallowing it.  It makes me happy to know I am not spraying harsh chemicals around my home, that I am helping my family by eliminating some toxins from our lives. I sure can’t control what happens outside my house by I sure can the inside of my house.

So here are the few things I rely on to help me do just that!

Baking Soda
Dr Bronners Castile Soap


Vinegar is such a versatile product. Vinegar and water will clean and shine those windows, OK the smell may put you off at the beginning but it disappears within a few minutes and you are left with sparkly windows. Add some hot water and go ahead and wash those floors with the vinegar too!  Go to Sams or Costco and you can get 2 huge bottles for under $4

Baking Soda – Scrub the toilets, bath, kitchen sink, baking soda is a must have and its CHEAP!

Dr Bronners – This is a relatively new addition to my arsenal, I wanted a good all purpose cleaner that wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg.  Dr Bronners is Organic it is made from different plant oils and IT WORKS.  Add some baking soda and water and you have all that you need.  Look for an upcoming blog post with an exact recipe.  You can buy this at Target or Amazon and a small bottle will last you 6-8 months.

Grapefruit with baking soda makes a great shower/bath cleaner.  Just sprinkle that baking soda on top of the grapefruit and go for it.  Smells delicious too!

So there is this stigma out there that being “green, eco friendly” is expensive.  But honestly I can buy any of these things in bulk or in single bottles for great prices and I hardly have to restock. Once upon a time I added cleaning products to my shopping bag every time I went to the store.  A little of any of these products goes a LOOOOONG way.  

There are some cleaning challenges I still need to work out and convert to natural products.  Dish Washing, Dish Washer Detergent and Laundry.  So if you have any suggestion for these things that won’t break the bank, let me know!

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I am a mom and mum of one. I am a Dual Citizen with the beautiful countries of Australia and the USA both living in my heart. I love trying to live a green healthy life for the sake of myself and my family. I hope to share cleaning/cooking/family stuff with you and show you that green living can be budget friendly :).

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